Roadmap for Recovery and Resilience for Theater (2020, Editor)
The A.R.T. Guide (2018, Editor)
A.R.T. Guide, "The I.D. Festival" (2016, Editor)
The A.R.T. Guide, "We Live in Cairo" (2019, Editor)
A.R.T. Guide, "The Night of the Iguana" (2017, Editor)
The A.R.T. Guide, "Endlings" (2019, Editor)
A.R.T. Guide, "The Bitter Game" (Editor, 2018)
A.R.T. Guide, Anna Deavere Smith's "Notes from the Field" (2016, Editor)
A.R.T. Guide, The Abbey Theatre's "The Plough & the Stars" (2016, Editor)
Revolution in the Arab World: The Long View (Georgetown CCAS 2010, Editorial Assistant)


Robert's work as a writer and editor includes pieces for HowlRoundContemporary Theater Review (Routledge), Breaking Character Magazine (Samuel French), The A.R.T. GuideThe Theater Times, and other publications. This page shows a selection of published writing. 

Roadmap for Recovery and Resilience for Theater

An ongoing collaboration between the American Repertory Theater and the T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University, offering strategies and information for theaters seeking to reopen following the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Art Not Without Ambition

An interview with Macbeth In Stride creator and performer Whitney White.
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The Many Histories of Magic

Hocus Pocus was a man. In the seventeenth century, Englishman William Vincent swallowed daggers, pulled ribbons from his mouth, and made objects disappear while chanting incantations. Vincent’s act became a favorite entertainment of James I, earning the conjuror a royal license to perform under his stage name as “the King’s most excellent Hocus Pocus.”
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Exhibits of Evanescence: Performing Arts Curation Strategies from Kraków’s Theatre Museums

An LED screen in a stairwell of the museum displays an unforgettable picture. A row of Baltic beachgoers lounge in the foreground; shirtless and suntanned, they recline within reach of the advancing surf. Their attention, and ours, is fixed on a figure some yards out at sea. Perched above the waves on a stepladder, arms raised like an uncanny celebrant, stands a man in a tuxedo: he is conducting the waves.

Despite Bomb Threats, "Out of The Blue" Plays On (Internationally)

Out of the Blue, currently playing at Moscow’s Satirikon Theater, is restricted to ages 21 and up. Written by Vladimir Zaytsev, the drama follows a gay teenager’s struggle to come out to his friends and family, and to survive the series of remedies that they prescribe to “fix” him. For audiences in Russia and abroad, the play offers a rare chance to experience the stories of Russia’s LGBTQ youth.